About the project

Project +RESILIENT puts together a 4-helix partnership of eight MED countries to tackle the need for innovation conducive to increased socially responsive competitiveness of SMEs and stimulate new jobs, especially for companies operating in the social economy. It aims to kick-start a process of policy change at regional level in the involved areas resulting in the integration of successful elements into the new Cohesion policy (EU2020+). The overall objective is to positively influence, adapt/change the different structural elements of policy governing "clusters with high social vocation and responsiveness" (SVRC) by leveraging on innovation dynamics led by technology, open data & successful models with social relevance & impact, creating socially-responsive value chains at a transnational level.

SVRC are usually codified only at local level, so the project addresses the transnational dimension as networking and capacity building approach to achieve a critical mass, increase horizontal opportunities for SMEs, mobility, employability and for scaling up into Cohesion Policy and Funds.

It is an integrated project that establishes a structural approach to policy & practice improvement of emerging dynamics in social innovation through an overarching process based on the intertwined use of open data & the creation of a transnational socially responsive value chain. This includes studying existing initiatives, adapting and testing, with the final objective of capitalizing them in the MED area.

To achieve the planned objectives partnership will produce the following results:

  • SVR Clusters implement sets of innovative transnational /common policies/operations,
  • SVRCs become integrated elements and measures of mainstream policy and funding,
  • SVRC generate jobs, skills and social cohesion,
  • SVRCs respond better to socially driven market requirements in different sub-sectors and in other MED areas.